At Mutt's Coffee, we think friends are pretty great! Our friendship collection offers a variety of colorful, fun, and whimsical coffee cover art designs that will add a bit of magic to anyone's day. 


Each order comes with a bag of coffee (you select your roast and grind), and a colorful postcard of the coffee art design.


You also have the option of leaving a custom note that we will add to the back of the label, above the coffee description (see our note below about note restrictions). 


Nationwide customers: (1) bag of coffee + postcard will be delivered in an adorable white box to your gift recipient. Coffee amount: 12 oz. (340 grams), priority mail included.


*If you leave a custom note, we will add it to the back of the coffee bag


Because friends give friends [good] coffee!


Custom Note Restrictions: please no profanity or inappropriate messages.

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