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2020-2022    Donation Report

2021 Donation Impact Report

Wow, what a year it was for Mutts Coffee! In our first full year of business, we donated a total of $5,009.02! That's a lot of Drinking Coffee and Helping Dogs! No small feat for our little, two-person team and we have all of our wonderful customers to thank.

2021 Donations were made to the following organizations:

-Free State Four Paws (Winston County, Alabama)

-A Fighting Chance Ranch and Rescue (Charlotte, NC)

-Final Frontier Rescue Project (Austin, Texas)

-Grand Strand Humane Society (Myrtle Beach, SC)

-Fences for Fido (Oregon/SW Washington)

-Angels with Misplaced Wings (Washington)

-Do Over Dogs (Denver, Colorado)

-Austin Pets Alive! (Austin, Texas)

-Asheville Humane Society (Ashville, NC)

-Lost Ball Canine Rescue in support of Cayden's medical expenses 

-Donations to GoFundMe in support of our #6 featured Mutt Dixie Doo in support of her cancer treatment

In addition to donations, we sponsored several dogs who were facing euthanasia at city shelters in Houston, Texas and San Antonio, Texas and those sponsorships equaled an additional $4,347.89. Sponsorships helped provide housing, food, medical, and a training course for Remington, the very first ever Mutts Coffee sponsored dog and our winter fundraiser helped support Lois, a mamma dog who was facing euthanasia along with her puppies. We also sponsored Blue, a dog facing euthanasia from the Houston city shelter and did a one-month sponsorship for a dog named Bella, another beautiful dog facing euthanasia at the city shelter in Houston.

In addition to our direct donations, fundraisers, and sponsorships, Mutts Coffee made several coffee donations to both their local community and to their rescue partners.

Mutts Coffee featured 24 dogs including 2 career dogs (Jojo and Finn), and 3 adoptable rescue dogs (Heather, Pharaoh, and Tori). We also featured a full length story on "The Puppies of Winston County," a cause that propelled us into starting Mutts Coffee. We had several special features including our collaboration with TwinDogDesign for "Adopt Black Dogs and Cats too!," with a focus on black dog and cat syndrome, "Misfits make the BEST fits" which focuses on raising the visibility of dogs often overlooked due to age, breed, physicality, etc., and "National Unchain a Dog Day," which highlights our local partner, Fences for Fido, who break down barriers that hinder dogs from the physical freedoms they need to thrive. 

You can view all of our featured dogs and more by clicking on the "Meet the Mutts" tab. 2021 was an incredible year and we can't thank all of you enough for your continued support! We can't wait to see what the future has in store for Mutts Coffee! Drink Coffee. Help Dogs! <3 

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